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The Void for my emotions and experience

“Why?” is a thought of mine filled with all the questions that arises in my mind when I lack to point the reason behind the cruelty of the world. I think many people might find this feeling similar, these questions might speak what your heart might have felt at least once in your life.


Why the sky is so bright when the life down it is so dark?
Why the ocean is enormous when the heart of people so tiny?
Why it is hard to tell who is who when all are just human being ?
Why the world is a bad place when it’s the only place to live?
Why my mind questions everything it sees when those are the only things I can see?
Why life is so hard when it was supposed to be a one time wonder happened to human being?
Why there is no peace in the world when it is the only thing people seek?
Why money is everything when it is just a paper with value and nothing so big?
Why happiness is hard to find when people just spent all their money for happiness to buy?
Why those eyes so small could make my heart go wide?
Why the education I take my whole life never teach me what’s life?
Why loving is so hard when all my life I just learned how to love someone?

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